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Her namesake footwear brand barely even a year old, but Nicole Saldaña has amassed a literal who’s-who of fashion insider followers - including Rihanna - as a fan base. It’s no surprise that this Opening Ceremony and Kenzo alum is making waves in the New York fashion scene and beyond, with a chunky, whimsical, girlie-girl aesthetic that has my inner 90s child swooning, and a collection featuring some of the coolest texture and color combos around (that pastel snakeskin boot anyone?). When the opportunity came to pick her brain before she brings her third collection to market, you better believe I jumped at the chance.

And I was so pleased to learn that the brains behind the brand lived up to be just as fantastic as her designs. One part thoughtful and driven (her career tips prove that she is a girlboss on the rise), the other irreverent and funny (I wish all brands were described as chunky monkeys), read ahead, Pretty Birds, and you’ll fall just as much in love with Nicole as you will her shoes.

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At the beginning of January, I shared with all of you that in the year 2018, I was to manifest for myself a more present experience in the world. It’s been a month, and I wanted to check in with you to let you know where I am on this journey, and to invite you to share your progress as well.

I’ve been able to be very mindful of being present and dedicating parts of my day to ensure that I realize this goal. In the mornings and evenings, I usually take a few minutes to list the things that I am grateful for (inspired by Oprah) and then go over any issue that has been bothering me, Then I clear my mind for a few moments of peace.

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In celebration of Black History Month, through the month of February All the Pretty Birds will be sharing stories and inspiration of black people’s relationship to fashion around the world, in an effort to inform and unify our community.

Part1 : Tignon Law

In 1763, Spain’s acquisition of the colony of Louisiana brought the practice of coarticion - or the right of slaves to purchase their own freedom – to a population that had previously known only slavery and segregation under British colonial rule. Free black people from the Caribbean and West Indes immigrated to Louisiana of their own volition, and their freeborn children were raised in a world where their parents were able to aspire to – and even acquire some - wealth and status.

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I’ve been looking for the best mascara I’ll ever come to know for 22 years now. Well, do you know what? I’ve tried hundreds of mascaras and I can honestly say that only a handful have ever succeeded in gaining the “I could never part with you” status. It’s sad to admit, but I’ve reached a conclusion: we have to stop thinking that we will ever find a single product that is able to give us all of the results we’re looking for.

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Gjelina, Los Angeles, TAMU'S CAFE -

One thing that will never change about Los Angeles is the fact that it is always changing. I grew up in West Hollywood, and I have seen more hot new restaurants, gyms, and coffee shops come and go than I can honestly even remember. Now I live full time in Italy, but every year I go back to my hometown with my family and marvel at what has changed, and get super excited about all of the newness.

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