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Devin N. Morris talks really fast. His eyes squelch up into little slits as he laughs at a small quib about himself that drops out in the middle of a thoroughly detailed explanation about his process. Even his digressions are cute. The fine artist is in his early 30s a fact that at first seems unlikely considering his boyish charm. But when you really sit down and talk to him, you learn that all of his wisdom has been earned and learned in real time. Not just through lectures or required reading. Devin isn’t formally trained in art although he’s always been an artist. The Baltimore native went to a magnet school for engineering and his affinity for lines and angles can be seen throughout his collage and photography work.  His drawn work is a bit more fluid. Childlike and richly saturated, Devin’s work conveys how uninterested in reality he truly is. His written work is a serious whimsy. The stories feel personal in the way that all child protagonist led pieces are, but aren’t necessarily linear. The subject matter flirt with those moments in memory where one grows up all at once.

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If you’re getting ready for fashion week, take note: nothing eases the stress of an overdose of fashion shows than a facial mask. Masking the perfect pampering to treat yourself to start the day, break between shows, or wind down at the end of the night. Tamu has already stocked up on super yummy products to get her through the fully packed month ahead — and we’ll be backstage at the shows, getting the scoop on all the beauty tips from hair stylists and makeup artists as well as from the models (the original diehard mask fans)! Sheet masks offer an enormous advantage, because they are soft, easy to remove and don’t require any rinsing. Any product residue that’s left on your face is massaged into your skin so as to facilitate total absorption. Easy, right?

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During men’s fashion week in Milan last January, Tamu and I were in awe at the hardships of remembering people’s names. Is it the age, the fatigue, or complete disregard? Just like in any social work environment, the beauty of what we do is the constant meeting of some fascinating people. But with the years that go by, my mind seems to have some serious lapses in the names and faces of those I meet. Disclaimer: no offense to anyone that has been privy to me forgetting your name, as we have just established I have a problem and I am truly sorry. In my reluctance to find a quick cure to this grave problem, I figured my best bet was ginseng. Digging a bit deeper, I enveloped myself in the realm that is adaptogens.

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Oh Valentine’s day… Once the bane of singletons everywhere, this holiday no longer excludes anyone not currently part of a dynamic duo, and people are taking the holiday back in a big way. It’s been a while since I could consider myself any version of single, but for one reason or another my husband and […]

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I have about ten new fragrances on my vanity table just waiting to be tested. “Spoilt for choice,” you may be thinking. And yet, I can’t decide which of these works best choice for me. Perhaps it is because none of them are particularly special or unique, or perhaps the time has come to try something new. That’s why I’ve decided to completely revamp my beauty routine while I wait patiently for spring to arrive and I’ve decided to start the process by rethinking my fragrance choices.

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