Your Christmas Table

Posted on December 18 2015

Your Christmas Table By Kristi Veliaj

Dear Pretty Birds,

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit with the holiday just around the corner? As with every important calendar event, I like giving tips on how to set your table.  There’s no better time to go wild and come up with fun, bright styling ideas.  Indeed, the perfect Christmas atmosphere is, in part, a result of strategic lighting, so our table setting wouldn’t be complete without all kinds of candles everywhere.  Candles play an essential role when it comes to decorating since they can be used as very chic centrepieces and/or placeholders.  We can embellish them with leaves and dried fruit, flower garlands, shells and coloured fabrics, and can find a spot for them in any corner of the house or table.


Courtesy @Pinterest


Courtesy @Pinterest

Meanwhile, when it comes to “dressing” the table, I really enjoy looking for unique and fun fabrics, mixing patterns and colours to avoid the usual dull, boring look.  The volume and three-dimensionality of the patterns make everything more interesting without any need to add extra accessories.  The solution to all problems lies precisely within the careful choice of fabrics.  Napkins and centrepieces each in different colours, which contrast a neutral or baroque base.  Your table setting must describe you, so grab your list and start shopping!

Besides the table and its various decorative elements, you must also think about the seating.  Chairs, benches, armchairs or cushions, anything concerning seating must not be overlooked.  Your guests will be stunned by the aesthetics or your new, “Christmas seating,” and will be praising it until next Christmas.  Ribbons, strings and flowers are our allies and we must not be afraid of overdoing it! Once everything is in its place and the menu has been decided, my suggestion is to make (or buy) a small gift to place on each plate before the meal.  A keepsake of a special dinner is always appreciated and leaves a mark.


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