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What to Eat Before and After Your Workout

What to Eat Before and After Your Workout by Roki Prunali

There are many myths and articles out there on what to eat before, during and after workouts. After reading many books, research, and personal experience we wanted to share with you Pretty Birds what diet we have found to work for us when we are working out.


Before Your Workout

Carbs are going to be your secret weapon to help you get through your workout because it will give you the energy you need. Try having protein with a mix of complex and simple carbs so that the release of energy will be consistent throughout your workout or else you will have that burst in the beginning and then falling asleep towards your last set. Make sure to eat 1 to 2 hours before your workout and nothing too heavy because you want to make sure you will be able to digest your meal.

Why is it so important to eat before working out? Honestly, research has showed that the body burns the same amount of fat whether you eat before your workout or not, but working out on an empty stomach, besides having less energy, can cause muscle loss. Your body will start drawing protein from your muscles, instead of your kidneys and liver, which are on empty. With the loss of muscle mass, you can ultimately slow your metabolism, then into the viscous cycle of making it difficult to lose weight.

What to eat: Whole-wheat toast, you can creative with your toppings, you can add avocado or eggs. Adding bananas are perfect if you know you are going to sweat a ton, because they have high potassium, and your levels lower as you sweat. Also, you can add cinnamon to help stabilize blood sugar. Have a side of fresh berries for the extra kick of energy. Still not wanting to eat carbs, I eat low carb high protein bread with almond butter and jelly. Oatmeal is a great carb that releases sugar gradually into your bloodstream that makes sure to stick out through the whole workout. No time to make a meal, get in a smoothie that is yogurt based or contains whey protein with fresh fruit.

During Your Workout

I would definitely stick to water during your workout. Though many times it has happened to me, that I have had a serious drop in energy. Pretty Birds it is ok to take a break, don’t push yourself too hard or you can seriously risk hurting yourself. If you are feeling that drop, drink a sports drink or have a protein bar to give yourself that kick. But the most important thing is to stay hydrated because if you are sweating it out, you need to get that hydration back in. Unless you are working out for over 2 hours, it is not necessary to eat while working out.


After Your Workout

This is when you want to kick in with the protein. Our infamous #Kirwinrules continuously nags us about eating protein within 30 minutes after our workout because our muscles need them to recuperate from the workout. While working out, your body will take fuel from your muscles for energy. This fuel known as glycogen needs to be restored, because your body tends to deplete the glycogen during your workout. So we got to fill ‘er up.

What to eat: Try to stay lean with some grilled chicken or salmon and veggies. If you are not able to have a meal right after working out, eat a boiled egg or a protein shake to hold you over till the next meal. Even just eating a yogurt can do the trick.


What are you fueling up with Pretty Birds?

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