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Or what I wore on my flight over to Mauritius.

Do you guys have a travel uniform? I do, more or less. My voyage gear always consists of a great layering sweater that will keep me comfy at the right temperature (not shivering in my seat and definitely not on the verge of breaking into a not-sexy sweat) while on board, but thin enough to wrap around my waist when I land, if my destination is a warm one. Nine out of ten times, including this one, my sweater of choice is usually by Cos. If you haven’t tried their sweaters before, have a look the next time you are in a city where there is a Cos boutique. You will probably fall in love with there paper thin merino wool offerings.

For bottoms, I always go to a great pair of skinny jeans our sleek trousers, in my favorite hue or power print of the moment. As you know, I’m totally obsessed with white jeans right now, so no surprise that I opted for these white J-brand ankle skimmers. But, I was thinking while packing that a pair of printed jeans would be oh so perfect for my layover in Dubai which would signal the halfway point to our holiday paradise. Hmm, so I went for a pineapple feast generously sent my way courtesy of the Brazilian brand Daslu.

For shoes, I always go with a comfortable option. You just never know what lies ahead of you when it comes to air travel. It’s best to be prepared for the infinite style demands which could mean long delays, layovers in fashionable cities where a taxi ride reunites you with old friends, or never-ending walks between bleak terminals where your only source of merriment are your own two feet. To keep in theme with my exotic destination, my Katie Grand for Hogan skate shoes were the obvious winners.

What do you wear when you travel. I’m always looking for inspiration. xox, Tamu

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