Travel Diaries: Scotland

Posted on September 09 2015

Travel Diaries: Scotland by Roki Prunali

Since the day I met my husband, he has always told me how gorgeous Scotland is and that one day he would take me there. Seven years later, and it being my birthday the real reason we finally got out there, my husband and I took a long weekend to travel a bit of Scotland. With so many islands, it is impossible to see it all, but I must say we got a lot in. Check out the places we went to.


Our first stop was Edinburgh and it was a very short but sweet visit. Once arriving in the city center, the Edinburgh Castle dominates the skies and it is hard to keep your eyes off of it. But that is not all the city has to offer. Walking down Royal Mile or Grassmarket, I was in awe of all the new age stores among old town. Taking a stroll down Royal Mile we passed the dominating St. Giles Cathedral, and then taking a bunch of lefts and rights (I will not lie to you Pretty Birds we were searching for Harvey Nichols.) we ended up at Calton Hill. This gem has the best 360° view of the city and housed more monuments than I could count. I will definitely have to come back to Edinburgh because there was just so much more I wanted to see.

My husband and I have continuously heard of the famous “Haggis”. I am going to spare you pretty birds what it is made of, but if you really want to know check it out. I gave it a chance and tried it, while my husband was obsessed and ordered it every dinner and even bought some to bring home.


My first memory of Islay is the schooling on how to pronounce it and make sure that we got it right. Pronounced “eye-la”, this island boasts more than 18 scotch distilleries. There is not much on this island, but that is its beauty. We were in Port Ellen and stayed at the cozy Islay Hotel and enjoyed some very fresh seafood.

We decided to take a gorgeous walk along the water and landscapes to hit three of the most famous distilleries on the island. Let me just say, we were very thankful that there was beautiful weather and we were walking because that was the only way we were able to drink scotch at 11 in the morning. Hitting Laphraoig, Lagavulin an Ardbeg we obviously took advantage of the scotch tastings. We didn’t’ even take tours of the distillery just made sure their product was still top shelf, or at least that is what we told ourselves. Ardbeg very luckily, not sure for them or for all the drunk people doing the same walk we did, has a delicious restaurant on their premises. Now with food in our bellies and feeling happy from all the scotch we walked back to our hotel.


I know what you are thinking another location known for their scotch, while we did also stop at the Oban distillery, the views of this little town were reminiscent of many northwest coast towns in North America. This resort town is very quaint and seems to be built around the Oban Distillery and McCaig’s Tower looking over the town.

Besides all the beauty this country has to offer, one thing must be said about Scotland, the Scottish were some of the sweetest and welcoming people and I am looking forward to going back some day.

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