The Meaning of Basin Jamet

Posted on September 22 2010

BASIN JAMET: In St.Lucian creole a basin means a pool of water particularly a natural pool in a river.  A jamet, the way I like to think of it is a very free, bordering on loose woman.  It has a sort of negative connotation but as  a child for some reason I liked the word and I liked the women that the word was associated with, I secretly wanted to be one.  They always seemed to laugh more heartily, dance ferociously and all around live like its no body’s business.  Now Basin Jamet is actually a physical place in my mother’s village.  It is a pool where all the girls would gather and and scream loudly and splash about, in the colonies a lady is seen but not heard, but not at Basin Jamet.  At Basin Jamet women were free! Hence it’s meaning; the pool where Jamets hang out.  As I came to discover Picasso’s paintings, I couldn’t help but make the association with “Demoiselles d’Avignon”, or Paul Cézanne’s “Les Grandes Baigneuses,” or Renoir’s “The Bathers”. See where I’m going here.  The idea is that women together can be loose and free and united, and in The Basin Jamet section of the blog I’d like to capture that spirit. The SOUSOU comes to mind and I will be posting about that soon.

Every woman fights a war.


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