The freedom to play… in a serious way.

Posted on May 10 2011

A comment on the post: The pace of fashion.  Read below and please share your thoughts.

Hi there Shala,

Lately I’ve been toying around with a few thoughts regarding Miu Miu’s spring ’11 collection, and as a result – about the general place which Miu Miu – as a brand – is taking within our lives. It might sound a bit weird at first, but the main source which inspired those thoughts is the British psychoanalyst Dnald Winnicott, and his revolutionary (at least that’s how I see it) thesis about the importance of Playing. In short, Playing is the realm which does not answer to one of the two known dichotomies, i.e., the inner reality vs. the external world. Playing is a third plane, in which the child – and with Winnicott, it’s important to note that exactly the same goes for the adult – can experience creativity in a way that both connects him to himself and to his surroundings. This allows him to build a self which is culturally responsive and active (for Winnicott, how magnificently, that’s in a way what LIFE IS ABOUT). I guess what I’m trying to say here is that for me, the adjective “playful” – which always seems to be read/heard in closeness to a Miu Miu reference – didn’t seem to actually fit the true label’s nature. There was something much more serious, more allowing, more freeing about it – and all those missing parts, I feel, can be found in Winnicott’s exemplary analysis of The Play. This, I think, is also a way to explain the huge, ever-growing exposure that the label seems to get in editorials, blogs, and the cities’ streets. It’s because of that true creative freedom the clothes allow. It’s the freedom to play – play in the most serious, committed, and alive way one can find.


I wanted to then pose the question: Has fashion reached a speed where it’s difficult to play/be creative?

Image: Garance Dore


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