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Is it even Christmas anymore? By Nia Hampton

This weekend, as snow falls on the colder parts of the world, and the temperature rises in the southern hemisphere, bombs will continue to drop in Aleppo and oil continues to leak in Standing Rock. What’s that smell in the air? Despair? Cognitive dissonance? The latest Kardashian perfume? No, it’s just Christmas 2016! Similar to Thanksgiving in it’s forced upon you-ness by society, but with less food. There’s also this fat white man who slides down your chimney narrative that’s wholly unrealistic, because let’s be honest, what have fat white men ever given anyone aside from unsolicited awkward convos in the elevator and the feeling that it’s was probably them who called the police on the “suspicious” (read: black) neighbors.

I say all that to say, this is another post on how to survive Christmas aka Thanksgiving the sequel- but with more snow!

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