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Shoesday Tuesday: Derby Boots By Tamu McPherson

It all started at the end of October, a couple of weeks before our trip to Lisbon. The absolute and urgent need for a pair of derby boots came over me (sorry, not sorry for the drama, this is fashion after all, sigh). I insist (winking as I try to convince you with flirty eyes), I needed a cute, TRENDY flat pair of shoes in which to keep up with my husband and son as we explored the charming Portuguese city. My husband, the Lob(v)ster, is 6'2"+ and walks lightening fast. My son is following in his footsteps at the tender age of nine and currently walks faster than I do. So, as a matter of practicality, a pair of derby boots seemed like the best solution for Lisbon's cobblestone streets and steep hills.

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