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All things don’t taste like pizza and cupcakes. Duh. It’s not a huge surprise that some of this health craze stuff really tastes like feet. I mean, it is healthy for a reason. Off my adaptogen high from last week, I have been sprinkling my Moon Juice Brain Dust wherever I can, and that healing potion may be revamping my insides but it is not smooth going down. So, when Anja mentioned to me that mushroom coffee does wonders (but tastes like dirt), of course I was all in. I am a sucker for pain in the name of gain. Luckily for me, the Shroom Room, the first ever mushroom coffeehouse, is located right here in Venice Beach.

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During men’s fashion week in Milan last January, Tamu and I were in awe at the hardships of remembering people’s names. Is it the age, the fatigue, or complete disregard? Just like in any social work environment, the beauty of what we do is the constant meeting of some fascinating people. But with the years that go by, my mind seems to have some serious lapses in the names and faces of those I meet. Disclaimer: no offense to anyone that has been privy to me forgetting your name, as we have just established I have a problem and I am truly sorry. In my reluctance to find a quick cure to this grave problem, I figured my best bet was ginseng. Digging a bit deeper, I enveloped myself in the realm that is adaptogens.

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Pandora’s box was completely ripped apart for me when my nutritionist suggested I take my latest bi-annual s-DROM’s blood test. Until now, I would take the test send him my results, and then he would then prescribe me vitamins and supplements to integrate into my diet. As the obedient patient that I am, never asking questions and having complete trust in whatever any doctor ever told me, I always just complied and took the supplements.

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Even if I’m not planning on immediately jumping on the bandwagon, the rumblings of a new diet trend never fail to perk my ears up. And I will tell you: as an adult woman, I’ve heard nary a new diet trend that doesn’t kick off by admonishing carbohydrates. There are lots of different methods of dieting around the world, but if there was a universal language that united us all, the greeting would be, “Carbs are the devil.”

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In the depths of what is already my second cold of the season, I have been frivolously wandering the internet in search for the next “it” thing in the natural supplement world. You Pretty Birds know that I am always down to try the new wellness trends that come my way, and I try to stay as natural as I can to heal myself back to life.

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