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Eventually, returning home feels less scary. The more you do it. The easier it gets. Packing all your clothes. Rolling your denim jeans into those tight rolls to make more space in your bag. Sitting on the luggage to close the suitcase. Taking out clothes at the airport because your luggage is too heavy. Sleeping on flights and sorting out who will be the first person to see your face after being gone for so long. When you returned to Baltimore after traveling for a year in South America, you cried as you and your mother drove through the south west part of the city. You forgot how black the city is. How large and historic the homes are. How hardwood floors and bricks are customary here. How deciduous forests are just waiting to take back their land, as vines grow through rowhomes long abandoned.

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DIY Artspaces, Gentrification and You By Nia Hampton

On Decemeber 5th, 36 people were killed in a massive fire at the GhostShip, a DIY artspace in Oakland, California. The fire erupted during a party, which the city of Oakland states it did not sign a permit for. The GhostShip was a warehouse utilized by a collective of artists from varying backgrounds. The city claims that they signed off on the space being utilized as a warehouse and not a residency, which it ultimately became. According to CNN and The Nation, there was no running water or sprinkler system in the warehouse but the space was full of furniture and instruments as well as a staircase made out of pallets. The space was shared by over 2 dozen artists who all split the rent. The Ghostship was also subject to various complaints, as the building was deemed to be in “disrepair”. The party that took the lives of 36 people and counting, was ironically one in a series of parties used to raise rent money.

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