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Navel Gazing at the End of the Year… By Nia Hampton

Well it’s finally here. The last week of 2016 is upon us. And what a year it’s been. So many emotional highs and lows, so many “Wtf” and “seriously?” moments. But also a few “wow, that’s nice” and a bit of “aww-how sweet”. 2016 was a sobering year, an end of an era-a few eras really. We saw the end of Vine, lost too many musical giants (George Michael just yesterday) and witnessed the beginning of the end of democracy as we know it in the western world. Many of us are waiting for this new year with hope and fear in our eyes. If anything 2016 humbled us all. Taught us that there are things worth fighting for, and that we must end our collective apathy if we want to get anything done. Personally, I grew even more convicted in my quest for freedom and even began moving on self-publishing my third e-book on the subject. In many of my conversations with my friends, everyone seems to be closing major chapters this year and pondering the ramifications of what that will mean.

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