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So by now you should know that Pepsi and Shea Moisture are canceled. If you don’t know, now you know. Pepsi in all of it’s marketing genius, framed Kendall Jenner as a movement leader and effectively commercialized and diminished the very real Black Lives Matter movement, in their latest advertisement. The backlash was epic and the spot was quickly pulled. Flash forward a few weeks and natural hair care product giant and pioneer, Shea Moisture was next up on the chopping block. This incident was perhaps more insidious because everyone knows Pepsi is a large corporation that cares about nothing but money. But Shea Moisture had a long and solid legacy in the natural hair movement. It’s genuinely loved. The latest commercial in it’s #HairHate Campaign centered on a really light skinned woman with loose wavy curls and two white women talking about their experiences with “Hair Hate”. There were no other women featured. This commercial was like #whitewomentears personified. Many black women with coarser hair textures and darker skin felt they were being ignored by a brand they practically built. Shea Moisture followed up with a strange apology where they refused to even mention black women, instead calling their core demographic WOC. They also launched a Buy One Get One sale. Later in this same week, the ad team for Shea Moisture would be revealed to be majority white women.

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