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So by now you should know that Pepsi and Shea Moisture are canceled. If you don’t know, now you know. Pepsi in all of it’s marketing genius, framed Kendall Jenner as a movement leader and effectively commercialized and diminished the very real Black Lives Matter movement, in their latest advertisement. The backlash was epic and the spot was quickly pulled. Flash forward a few weeks and natural hair care product giant and pioneer, Shea Moisture was next up on the chopping block. This incident was perhaps more insidious because everyone knows Pepsi is a large corporation that cares about nothing but money. But Shea Moisture had a long and solid legacy in the natural hair movement. It’s genuinely loved. The latest commercial in it’s #HairHate Campaign centered on a really light skinned woman with loose wavy curls and two white women talking about their experiences with “Hair Hate”. There were no other women featured. This commercial was like #whitewomentears personified. Many black women with coarser hair textures and darker skin felt they were being ignored by a brand they practically built. Shea Moisture followed up with a strange apology where they refused to even mention black women, instead calling their core demographic WOC. They also launched a Buy One Get One sale. Later in this same week, the ad team for Shea Moisture would be revealed to be majority white women.

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The top contour kits for black women

By Denike Adegboye

Hi Pretty Birds,

As we already know, albeit sad, we cannot all be blessed with amazing cheekbones like those of Angelina Jolie. But with a few highlighting and contouring tricks, we can create the illusion of having them. Today we are focusing on the top picks of contour kits for makeup specifically for women of color because they can be hard to find. Keeping in mind that not all beauty brands cater for women of color, we have selected a few of our favorites below.

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Viola Davis' Emmy Win Is A Much Needed Boost of Encouragement For Female Artists Of Color By Tamu McPherson

This past Saturday a group of Pretty Birds from London and I got together at Balthazar for a meet and greet. As with the social that I held in NY, I was completely blown away by the impressive backgrounds and experiences of everyone in attendance. We talked about everything from love, family and careers. And as one bird shared her desire to pursue acting, she confided that her only concern was the lack of roles for artists of color in the UK.

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