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Tbilisi Fashion and More By Kristi Veliaj

Imagine for a second, all of the places you’d like to visit at least once in your life.

Imagine every detail, every city, every hidden alley of the destinations you hold in your heart. Now write them down on a sheet of paper and you’ll be astonished to discover that you’ve never dreamt of visiting Georgia (the country). Like every genuine and proud country, Georgia has slowly opened up to the world, simultaneously trying to remain intact and accessible. The flight from Italy to the Caucasus, and more specifically from Milan to Tbilisi, the Georgian capital (situated between Asia and Europe), gives you enough time to pick up a travel guide and read up on all of the wonderful landmarks this place full of history and folklore has to offer. Today, Tbilisi has a population of 1,480,000 people, yet before its foundation in 479 A.D, by the Georgian king Vakhtang I Gorgasali, the area was covered in lush forests. Tbilisi is a city which extends beyond the confines of the mountains that surround it, hiding uncontaminated pockets of typical Caucasian culture. The major fashion event hosted by the city, where both famous and up-and-coming designers showcase their Georgian savoir-faire and the incredible craftsmanship of their products to the world, can’t be missed. During my trip, I felt the need to discover the city’s more human side by examining the faces and details that characterize Tbilisi’s makeup. The images below represent a collection of what my eyes were able to frame under the guidance of some wonderful people who were able to engage and entertain different cultures under the Tbilisian sky.

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Black & White for Aman Think Pink Dinner.

Hey There Pretty Birds,
I just wanted to share a few images of the look that I wore to the Think Pink Aman Canal Grande Venice Dinner.
I found this dress by Lilia Litkovskaya, a Unkranian designer known for her bold minimalist collections, at Opening Ceremony during New York Fashion Week...

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Hey There Pretty Birds,

We're totally loving Julia's chic and minimal B&w look. Effortlessly cool is what we want to be today. You?

Inspired by Julia's look? Check out our Gallery to make it your own. XO, Tamu

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