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Blessed Be Beyoncé By Nnia Hampton

On the first day of Black History Month, Beyoncé gave to me, an announcement that she is currently gestating two twin babies in her womb! Like the rest of world, I was surprised and happy, not only because the announcement photo was gorgeous but because this year has been overtaken by El Cheeto and the near complete collapse of government in the United States. I’ve taken a break from social media just to get away from all the news. Everyday there’s a new law being appealed or a new group of people being turned away at the airport. As a black woman from Baltimore City, suffering at the hands of the government isn’t anything new to me. But to see it so widely televised because it’s finally not just black people being persecuted is tiring. Luckily, Beyoncé decided to pour some honey on our timelines by unveiling the gifts that she’s bringing into the world and I am so happy that the media has something positive to talk about!

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