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When we look at our reflection in our thirties, we start to notice our very first wrinkles, usually around the mouth or eyes. In some cases, besides fine lines, we start to notice spots or discoloration; our skin appears to have lost its turgidity and compactness. What exactly is happening? Nature is running its course, and these types of changes are perfectly normal. However, using a good anti-wrinkle cream and leading a lifestyle that will positively impact our skin is imperative. Among the variety of solutions available, you’ll come across creams and serums containing retinol.

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If you’re getting ready for fashion week, take note: nothing eases the stress of an overdose of fashion shows than a facial mask. Masking the perfect pampering to treat yourself to start the day, break between shows, or wind down at the end of the night. Tamu has already stocked up on super yummy products to get her through the fully packed month ahead — and we’ll be backstage at the shows, getting the scoop on all the beauty tips from hair stylists and makeup artists as well as from the models (the original diehard mask fans)! Sheet masks offer an enormous advantage, because they are soft, easy to remove and don’t require any rinsing. Any product residue that’s left on your face is massaged into your skin so as to facilitate total absorption. Easy, right?

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I have about ten new fragrances on my vanity table just waiting to be tested. “Spoilt for choice,” you may be thinking. And yet, I can’t decide which of these works best choice for me. Perhaps it is because none of them are particularly special or unique, or perhaps the time has come to try something new. That’s why I’ve decided to completely revamp my beauty routine while I wait patiently for spring to arrive and I’ve decided to start the process by rethinking my fragrance choices.

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I’ve been looking for the best mascara I’ll ever come to know for 22 years now. Well, do you know what? I’ve tried hundreds of mascaras and I can honestly say that only a handful have ever succeeded in gaining the “I could never part with you” status. It’s sad to admit, but I’ve reached a conclusion: we have to stop thinking that we will ever find a single product that is able to give us all of the results we’re looking for.

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Many of us deal with significant changes in the winter, especially to our skin. For example, the past few foggy days here in Milan have affected the skin on my face quite negatively; my eye contour seems even more sensitive, and my lips are perpetually chapped. Finally, thanks to the smog, my hair seems greasier, dull and lacking in strength and shine. Basically, I feel like a walking disaster, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one. Perhaps it’s the weather that has us all feeling sad, or perhaps it’s leaving the warmth of the office for the cold streets every evening; whatever the reason, I’ve never wanted some extra pampering for myself, my face and my hair as I do right now. So, I tried to come up with some solutions to help protect my skin and hair against winter’s aggressions. Below you’ll find my “special” recipe - that is, the right mix of products to fight grey weather, dry skin and…the winter blues!

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