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Roadtrip Salento By Kristi Veliaj

Apulia: land of wind, sun, sea, good food and the taranta (a popular genre of folk music, typical of the region). With its 800 km coastline, Apulia, the easternmost region of the “boot,” borders the Adriatic sea to the East and the Ionian sea to the Southeast offering visitors and nature lovers alike breathtaking panoramas and beaches. Over the coarse of history, it was besieged by countless populations that left their mark from both a cultural and architectural point of view. In recent years, it has become one of the most sought after destinations for those who choose to vacation in Italy, and we Pretty Birds were sure not to miss out. Our journey started on a hot day in August (we do not in any way recommend August for travelling through Apulia; June and July are preferable), with our camera and litres of iced tea at hand.

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