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Hey There Pretty Birds,

I know it took place over two weeks ago (17 days to be exact), and that the rest of the fashion world is enjoying the second day of Paris fashion week, but I have been meaning to share my Tommy Hilfiger Periscope launch experience with you. When the TH team contacted me to host their launch, I was very intimidated. Erica Firpo introduced me to the live video streaming app, purchased earlier this year by Twitter, this Summer while we were in Greece visiting The Romanos, but I had yet to use it extensively myself. After signing into the app (I downloaded it back in Greece) and being referred to a great article by Junny Hibbert (read here), who I met at our meet-and-greet at Wise Men in New York, I gained a general understanding of how it worked- even if I was still concerned about how I would do come show time.

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