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Pretty Birds, I may not be able to explain to you why this autumn weather has been so absurd (GLOBAL WARMING), but one thing is for certain: it is taking a serious toll on my body. I don’t know about you, but I have caught the cold twice already and the idea of ingesting another cold and flu pill or cough syrup has me checking real estate prices in the Canary Islands.

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5 Natural Remedies for Allergies by Roki Prunali

With every spring, comes another heavy allergy. A newbie to feeling horrible when that pollen starts to travel, I am already sick of stuffing my face with over the counter and even prescription allergy relievers. On the search for something a bit more natural to alleviate that itchiness, congestion and above all the sneezing that seems to make my whole body convulse, here are a few natural remedies to have you breathing again.

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