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Congratulations class of 2017! You’ve completed a rigorous task. You’ve acquired a societal norm that gets harder to attain with each passing day. From now on you’re apart of a special group of people. People who’ve completed some level of formal education. Whether you’re finishing High School, or higher level degrees, you should be proud of yourself for sticking to the plan day in and day out for large amount of time. Be merry, get drunk, and feast with friends. Enjoy this summer of infinite possibilities. Sleep in. Feel a slight wave of anxiety as you think about homework that you have to complete but then remember that you graduated, so you don’t have anymore homework! Try and stave off the impending feeling of dread that will threaten to steal your sunshine, also known as Sallie Mae. Don’t spend too much time wallowing in the waste land of student loan debt memes, however comforting they may be. Life is for the living, recent college grad, and although you studied abroad and did keg stands throughout your college career, there is so so so much more out there in the world for you to experience.

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