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Magnum celebrates its 25th birthday this year with special and exciting initiatives, starting from fashion: the yummy-in-the-tummy ice cream brand has asked designers worldwide to create capsule collections for the occasion, that will be showcased at Magnum's Birthday Party on May 21 in Cannes, during the famous and fabulous Film Festival. Kylie Minogue will also be attending, as guest of honor... We cannot wait! For Italy, Puglia based designers Daniele Del Genio and Bruno Simeone of Rossorame (one of the emerging brands that Dolce&Gabbana have chosen to display in their Spiga2 boutique in Milan), have created the "Whispered Dreams" Capsule Collection, that brings together haute couture and prêt-à-porter in 8 dreamy and elegant pieces, for both men and women. We had a chat with these sweet boys yesterday, and here is what they told us...

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