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As we approach the last month of summer, I find myself fondly remembering the festivals I’ve had the opportunity to experience. This summer wasn’t as full of festivals as others. However, I got to see Frank Ocean and Solange at Panorama Festival in New York this past weekend which more than makes up for the lack of music shows I attended this year. I’m a concert over clubs kind of girl. I actually make it a point to see my favorite new artist at the local small spots before they become big stars as it’s cheaper and generally cooler to see an artist at their freshest. The popularity of music festivals has grown exponentially in the past decade. Big name music festivals are becoming cheaper and thus more accessible. My ticket to Panorama was 125 dollars for general admission for the first day, in which acts like MGMT, Tyler the Creator, Solange and Frank Ocean performed. They also offered an installment payment plan for tickets. Overall it was one of the better music festival experiences I’ve had. The crowd was large without being overbearing and the fact that there were three large stages helped disperse the people evenly throughout the space. This made a world of difference as I find myself growing tired of the festival experience and the crowds that come with it. My preferred festival experience is are centered around film.  While the major film festivals, Cannes, Sundance and Toronto are hard to get into and are full of industry execs looking to close deals and buy films, in the past 20 years smaller film festivals have started popping up.

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