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Bright primary colors, sleek silhouettes, and bold linear graphics make up this cooler than cool mash-up of varsity style and luxury fabrication. While not exactly new to the fashion scene (we all remember the terms "sport lux" and "elevated athleisure" I’m sure) this trend has got some serious staying power.

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Shoesday Tuesday: Athletic Sneakers By Jessie Ajluni

With the holidays officially behind us and a sparkling new year ahead (anything has to be better than 2016 right?) I have a huge desire to start things fresh. Now, I know that January has always been the month of the new year/new you mentality that magazines and television have been selling to us for years. The influx of gym membership, weight-loss supplements, and bowflex ads are all the annoying proof you need for this. But I can’t help feeling like there might be some truth to it, not the supplements of course ;). With the dumpster fire of a year that was 2016 and a cautious desire to see something better out of 2017, I feel like it is time to make some serious changes in my life. So for this week’s Shoesday Tuesday post I wanted to round up, not our favorites in fashion, or the latest and greatest trend in footwear, but the snazziest sneakers around in the hopes that, like me, you might find the extra motivation to start this year off right with some of the most adorable shoes.
Because let’s face it, we all need that little extra push to make it to the gym during the blisteringly cold months of winter.

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Getting Back Into the Gym with New Workout Gear by Roki Prunali

Let’s face it Pretty Birds, we have stuffed our face all summer long and drank ourselves to oblivion with that pink water. If you are not in the same boat, power to you for all that will power. It is now time to get our butts back into the gym and try to work off all those extra lbs we gained, to make sure that fat does not store for our winter hibernation. For me half the battle, is having the cool new workout gear so at least I feel that I look good. Key word, feel. So check out these workout outfits to get you in the mood to shed those pounds.

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By Roki Prunali

My gym bag is a haven of items that I can't function without. We've all been there. When we finally drag ourselves to the gym, to find out to our dismay that something essential is missing. That's why I'm obsessed with keeping my gym bag stocked at all times. Take a look what’s inside for some inspiration!

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Hey There Pretty Birds,

How were your Christmas holidays? Did you eat as much as we did? That's fabulous, because there is nothing like indulging in the company of friends and family over delicious foods and fine wines. The mood is so festive, heart warming, and there is nothing better than a touch of home - whatever that means to you today. But, now you're feeling that it's time to burn some of the calories generously offered by yummy butter-filled dishes and desserts or detox your bodies from golden nights of flowing bubbly.

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