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F*ck Donald Trump: Bills, Bills, Bills By Nia Hampton

…and all the new bills they’re trying to pass!

This week Al Jazeera English uploaded a new video to their facebook page. The video highlights 8 new bills that have silently been introduced into congress under Trumps administration. The usual suspects, education, abortion and the environment are on the chopping block. At this point it’s not even SCARY, it’s kind of more like “scary” because America has been actively trying to destroy itself since it’s inception. At this point it’s almost like “shit or get off the toilet”. There is a really great website called govtrack which provides information about the bills being passed or in process of being passed. It’s a great resource for people who didn’t major in Civics or PoliSci in undergrad and just want to know what’s about to be illegal and what’s actually already illegal. I chose four bills to investigate and see just how SCARED we all should be.

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