Stronger Hair in Autumn: suggested products

Posted on October 01 2015

Stronger Hair in Autumn: suggested products

By Michela Marra

Hello Pretty Birds,

Autumn is a lovely season but not for our hair.  The changing rapport between daylight hours and darkness has an impact on our hormone balance and increases hair loss.  However, we must also take into account the physiological phenomenon that involves natural replacement and, to this effect, autumn, like spring, accelerates this renewal process.  Nonetheless, should hair loss become significant, it is best treated using personalized products and solutions.  Here are some tips for you.

Planter’s Shampoo Vigor is a balanced mix of vegetable extracts which offer an antioxidant action; the synergy between vitamins and energizing creatine is a winning combination that will make hair healthier and stronger.  When combing hair use a massage brush: its wooden teeth produce an anti-static effect and stimulate the bulb, allowing for greater penetration of the active ingredients in products designed to prevent hair loss.

Biopoint Linea Dermoequilibrante Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo ensures five beneficial actions: it prevents hair loss, tones the scalp, balances, fortifies and strengthens hair.

Anti-Hair Loss shampoo by Kermaine H strengthens and vitalizes hair, while Keramine H’s Strengthening Shampoo is specifically formulated for deep action and to strengthen weak and thin hair that breaks easily.

Klorane Fortifying Shampoo fortifies the scalp thanks to the KLORANE cinchona extract and vitamin B complex that form the base for this delicate, detangling and volumizing shampoo.

Bioclin Phydrium Advance Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is an adjuvant treatment that fights the weakening and loss of hair.  Thanks to its exclusive Stimoxidil® complex which acts in conjunction with a vitamin B complex and hydrolised wheat protein, this shampoo carefully cleanses hair, is gentle on the scalp, and provides shine, elasticity and strength.

Fructis Force Regenerating Fortifying Mask is enriched with strengthening ceramides and active fruit concentrate which leave hair looking shinier and healthier.

Bioclin Phydrium-Advance Anti-Loss Strengthening Mask performs a dual action: at the root, fighting premature aging of hair, and on the shaft, hydrating, nourishing and restructuring the Keratin fibres that comprise the cuticle.

Bioclin Phydrium-Advance Anti-Hair Loss Vials for Women contain Stimoxidil® and vitamin B complexes as well as hydrolised wheat protein which help revitalize hair at the roots, increasing softness, shine, body and volume.  The result: hair is nourished, enriched, appears stronger and is more resistant by 40%.

Collistar Revitalizing Anti-Hair Loss Vials contain Trichogen Veg®, an innovative, patented bio-technological complex which helps revitalize the scalp and hair, favouring regrowth.

Fructis Force Regenerating Lotion contains Stemoxydine which stimulates hair renewal, increasing the number of hairs per cm2 in 90 days.

RF80 ATP ENERGIE by René Furterer is a concentrated treatment enriched with Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) − an endogenous molecule that is considered the source of the essential energy within cells − proven to prevent hair loss and stimulate the Anagen or reactivation phase, thus inducing physiological regrowth more rapidly.

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