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Spring Make up by Chanel

Hi Pretty Birds,

What could be better than a make-up session in the heart of Milan? Last week I stopped by Chanel’s corner at La Rinascente Milano where I met Chanel make-up artist Silvia Dell’Orto. With her I discovered the wonderful world of Rouge Coco lipsticks (did you know that Mademoiselle Coco named lipsticks using the names of the people closest to her?), I found the right nuance for this Spring, and I collected many useful tips that I want to share with you.

Read on to discover with me the Chanel world!


Before applying make-up, Silvia applied some make-up remover to create a sort of “pre-base”: Chanel Démaquillant Yeux Intense.

My skin needs hydration: to the rescue comes Chanel Le Lift Serum with its “normalizing” action.

First make-up step: foundation. “You have thin and luminous skin around your eyes” Silvia told me, and applied on my face some Poudre Les Beiges for a young and fresh effect. The light and shadow play is provided by Éclat Lumière in color 40. Éclat Lumière is really a fantastic product: I can also use it on my lip contour, which should always be lightened creating a “barrier” for lipstick.

Say goodbye to imperfections thanks to Correcteur Perfection, applied on the higher part of my nose, in the middle, and under my brows to get the highest definition.

Focus on eyebrows: the magical instrument is the Le Sourcil de Chanel kit which recreates their natural color. In my case the ideal color is Brown Brown.

Silvia chose to paint my lips first as lipstick is the star of this beauty look! Her goal? To create a perfect balance with the eye make-up for a très chic result. The lipstick you see on my lips is Chanel Rouge Coco in color 416 Coco: it’s part of the new 24-color lipstick collection with a new formulation guaranteeing the highest hydration for a really hot color that still remains light on your lips! Orange-toned Tangerine is the must-have nuance for Spring, and I love it on my face.

Minimal but high-impact make-up for the eyes: the make-up artist has chosen to draw a thin brown line on the rim of my eyes with Chanel Stylo Waterproof in Express, a dark brown tone. The look is finished with a generous swipe of Volume de Chanel mascara.


Silvia revealed an extremely useful tip to open up your gaze: apply mascara with a zig-zag motion on the lashes of one eye, starting from the very roots; do the same thing on the other eye, then go back to the first one and lengthen the lashes by swiping some product above and below the upper lashes; finally, using the wand tip paint the lower lashes. A must-try!

A golden blush on my cheeks (the make-up artist mixed colors n. 190 Angelique and n. 82 of Chanel Joue Contrast) gives me a beautiful sun-kissed effect!

The final touch? The cream shadow Illusion d’Ombre in Mirage smudged in the eye crease; finally, a light color dotted in the lower eye corner.

What do you think? It’s beautiful!

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