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Rachele Roncoroni

I met Rachele a few years ago when she was a student here in Milan. She charmed me off my feet with her bubbly personality, and I was immediately impressed by her brilliant, unique style. She’s not the trendy type, she often opts for, elegant, beautiful, whimsical or custom tailored dresses. I would say that her style is a sort of “rich minimal, Simple and straightforward, yet full of lovely details and usually cut in a gorgeous silhouette. You can see for yourself in the outfits she chooses for our little shoot. Now please join me in getting to know her better.

Occupation: Assistant stylist
Passion: traveling, collecting images, listening to people’s life stories, cinema, running, good food, beauty products and treatments, visiting markets all over the world.
Hometown: Como
Current Town: Milan
Favorite City: This year Antwerp
Favorite place to shop in Antwerp: so hard to say, i just love getting lost and discover new places but shopping in Dries Van Noten’s it’s kind of magic!
Favorite place to dine in Antwerp: Bitterpeeen, Vitrin cafè and Fiskebar
What do you do to get your day started: Turn on music and have an healthy and energy fueled breakfast.
Favorite Breakfast Food: pancake, soy yogurt, apple, crunches and a mug of Argentinean mate
Favorite Dessert: Ice cream addicted!
Favorite Fruit: This month it’s is melon mixed with acaì berries.
Favorite Breakfast spot: Ginger (Via Borgognona, Rome) and caffè Cucchi, Milan.
What’s your beauty routine: cleaning and moisturizing my face twice a day, running and drinking 2 liters of green tea a day.
Skin: I love taking care of my skin. I have just discovered Erno Laszlo’s 3 phases and I match them with a serum from Estee Lauder and moisturizer from Clinique. I’m not a big fan of make up, but I can’t go out without my Clinique mascara and my Chanel lipstick!
Where do you cut your hair: I am loyal to my hairdresser in Como, it’s the same one from generations!
Nails and other personal grooming: no place in Milan is like Violette (Via Panfilo Castaldi), I just love the atmosphere and their Violet tea!
What are your favorite brands: Rochas, Marni, Dries Van Noten, Miu Miu, Jil Sander.
Where do you shop in Milan? I don’t really have a favorite shop. I buy wherever I find something that I really adore, but lately I’ve become a big fan of La Profumeria le Mazzolari (Piazza San Babila)!
Describe your style: It’s really hard to describe, it depends on my mood and the season….let’s say that I always try to be simple and elegant!
Any style rules (for instance you only wear black shoes): I don’t wear anything that highlights my hips!
What do you do before you go to bed: Watch a movie or TV, this month it’s Scrubs.
What are your plans for the summer? relaxing, sunbathing and eating in Sicily
What’s your favorite Summer food? Mozzarella with fresh tomatoes, basil and a slice of Tuscan bread
Favorite drink? It’s summer so it’s Mojito!
What’s your favorite summer outfit? Oversize, white men’s button down

Rachele wears:
LOOK 1 – a custom made dress and sandals by Moschino
LOOK 2 – dress by Moschino and platform sandals by Kurt Geiger
LOOK 3 – skirt by Comme des Garçons, t-shirt by COS and platform sandals by Prada

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