Nike – We Own The Night, Milan

Posted on May 23 2014

Hey There Pretty Birds,

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook , you know that I have been training for Nike’s We Own the Night 10K race that takes place on May 30th. As you know my current journey as a runner started last Summer when I began training for the San Francisco Half Marathon, which was an amazing accomplishment for me personally. Training for the half lead me to realize that participating in races is something that I would like to do regularly. Unfortunately after three months of training, my podiatrist has recommended that I stop running because of a nagging case of tendonitis in my left heel that started at the end of my training for SF (I took time off between October and February when the pain subsided and I started running again).

You would think that this would be terrible news for me, but actually it’s not.  I’m an optimist, and I always look for the silver lining under the cloud. First of all, training with Nike for the San Francisco Half and for We Own the Night has encouraged me to be more active in general. I have always participated in physical activity, but I now have a new found interest in giving my all and excelling in various sports. Case at hand, I’ve been really enjoying the strength-training component of my preparation, and have to admit that I am a little bit obsessed with mastering complicated box sequences and the TRX system when working out in the gym. The adrenalin rush that I get from the challenge associated with conquering those exercises is super exhilarating. And I would even venture to say, better than buying a new pair of shoes or a handbag. Plus, how could I not be excited, considering how beneficial exercise is in the quest for healthy living.

Second of all, the other positive element of my training is nutrition related. I had strep throat twice back in January, and after three prescriptions of antibiotics and feeling plain miserable and beyond stressed, I adjusted my diet in order to improve my over all health and boost my natural defenses (I’ll be writing about this experience really soon).  As you know, running, and exercise in general, require significant amounts of energy from the body, performance wise.  Since beginning my journey last year, I’ve acquired some knowledge about the foods that help you to perform during training and competition – fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates and tons of liquids. And since I started training again this past February, I’ve paid great attention to making sure that I put all of the necessary nutrients into my body before and after exercise. All in all, my desire to live a healthy lifestyle combined with the dietary demands associated with training has encouraged me to fully embrace better eating habits. A fact that I am thrilled about considering all of the benefits associated with a nutritious diet in the prevention of disease and illness.

So you see, I may not be able to run come May 30th, but my training has made me physically and emotionally stronger and has helped me to achieve healthy eating habits. Plus, you bet that I’ll be attending. A bunch of my friends are participating as well as 6000+ other women who, while I don’t know personally, inspire me with their determination and strength.

Have a look at the gallery to see some pics and illustrations of me and my fellow #WEOWNTHENIGHT #MILAN ambassadors (Maria Host, Chiara Ferragni, and Eva Geraldine Fontanelli). The illustrations are by Polish illustrator Magda Antoniuk, who is a leading fashion illustrator known for her vivid hand drawn images. There are also images of the official race bag created in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood and the official race bracelet created by STL made in Italy. and who said that working out couldn’t be stylish?

And what’s up for me next on the sport front? Well Summer is around the corner and what better time to work on my free style stroke? See you at a pool near you!

Outfit details – In the images, I wear sneakers from the Nike xLiberty collection Roshe Run and looks from Nike Sportswear Summer 14.

There’s still time to sign up for the race! #JDI –

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