Nelson Mandela – Remembering a Hero Who Taught me the meaning of hope

Posted on December 06 2013

My friend’s older brother introduced us to the work of Nelson Mandela and the movement against Apartheid around the time that I entered junior high school. I remember him sharing lots of inspiring books and taking us along to events and marches organized to bring an end to Mandela’s imprisonment and to the unjust system of racial segregation. At the time, I was just forming my personal definitions of strength, determination, loyalty and other important character traits, and learning about Mr. Mandela and his selfless fight for equality helped me to definitively identify the principles which still guide me today.

I learned of his death last night during an Oxfam Women’s Circle event. I was chatting with some friends when the evening’s presenters suddenly appeared on stage to pay tribute to Mr. Mandela. At first, it didn’t sink in and the crowd was a bit lost as to what was taking place. After a few surreal moments things became clear.  Mr. Mandela had passed away. And then a wave of disbelief descended upon the room which was followed by a sharp sadness. It was at that point that I started to reflect of what he did for his country, for people of color all over the world, and universally for humanity. How his life, struggle and victory taught me that it was right to be hopeful and to be a dreamer. Then the sadness passed and gave way to a sense of profound pride for the greatness of his accomplishments.

I tweeted moments after, “RIP Nelson Mandela. When I think of the things my son will do, I know it’s because of men like you. Thank u for your passion and resolve.”

And a friend on instagram commented, “Farewell, not goodbye.” No, not goodbye, his legacy will live on forever.

We remember him now with a gallery of our favorite quotes and iconic images.

Margherita Calabi, Giulia Capresi and Nicolò Andreoni contributed to this post.

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