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My new best friend.

Some times the simplest things stare us right in the face.  Like this little travel steamer.  All these years traveling I never thought to get one and now that I have I can’t imagine what took me so long.  It takes little space in my luggage and I get such great pleasure from steaming my clothes, it helps me steam my  mind as well, doing something so mundane.

I remember the very first day my mother let me use an iron.  I begged, begged for a long time, but my mother was one of the those people who was fearless until she had children and became the protective mother hen.  Hence, anything to do with electricity, heights, even for my brother playing football was not allowed, you’ll break your legs was her reasoning.  My god a bicycle gave her shivers.  So imagine that she stood over me at the ironing board making sure I didn’t burn my fingers.  I was eight years old.  I remember it was my father’s shirt, it was a workers blue, very heavy cotton shirt and I remember that she said to me you always start with the collar, to this day when I iron a shirt I start with the collar.

Annnnnnnnnnyyyyy way, my point is that one did not leave the house with clothes un-ironed and now this little travel Esteam machine is giving me great pleasure.  And saving me a few dollars too.

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