Marjon Carlos

Posted on May 13 2014

Hey There Pretty Birds,

I met Marjon last September outside the Honor show. She looked so pretty in her full skirt and oh-so-perfect tapered afro, I had to snap her. After posting her picture, I realised that we actually followed each other on social media. A realisation that lead to an immediate and slightly compulsive scroll through her instagram feed where I found one stylish picture after another. Immediately hooked [on her style], I direct messaged her on twitter to ask if I could photograph her the next time I was in NYC. From there we became friends, and I subsequently had the pleasure of learning what a wonderfully dynamic young woman she is. I’m a full seven years older, and I feel like I’m the one that should be dealing out advice and direction, but she never fails to impress me with her determination, attitude and savviness. The girl’s gonna be more than alright.

We finally got the opportunity to meet-up for her profile last month when I was in NY on vacation. We started the shoot at her brother and sister-in-law’s airy apartment in Park Slope, because she wanted to be profiled with Izzy, her one-year-old niece and one of the two loves of her life – her second love is her brand new niece Sage Harper who was born two weeks ago. The importance of family and friends is another of the many things that I love about Marjon. That being said, I absolutely can’t wait any longer for you to discover some of her other beautiful qualities. So here we go, please enjoy getting to know her better.

Name: Marjon Carlos

Occupation: Fashion Writer

Passion: Writing, design, books, politics, family, tacos.

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Current Town: Brooklyn, New York

Favorite Cities: Brooklyn; Vieques, Puerto Rico

Favorite place to shop in those cities: French Garment Co. in Fort Greene, Sweet William (for presents for my nieces!),  and Barney’s Co-Op in Brooklyn Heights

Favorite place to dine in those cities: Five Leaves, Diner, Pequena, Roberta’s, Hotel Delmano

Favorite Breakfast: Any combination of pancakes, my mother’s eggs, and Eggs Benedict, with croissants, biscuits, plenty of jam, and a little “hair of the dog” to wash it all down.

Favorite Breakfast spot: Juventino in Park Slope, Brooklyn or Miss Lily’s in Soho.

What’s your beauty routine? I am very pared down when it comes to beauty–ascetic, even. So I keep it to just Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Dior Show mascara and eyeliner, MAC blush, and when I’m really “doing something”, I throw on a pop of color on my lips like MAC Russian Red and So Chaud, or NARS Heat Wave. I am dutiful about a weekly manicure, however: those I simply cannot do without.

Skin: The simplest of routines: DOVE soap, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer, and Cocoa Butter.

Where do you cut your hair? LW Salon in Mid-Town, NY. I have been with Leona for years and she’s like my sister/shrink/patron saint of hair.

Where do you shop in NY? I love Edith Machinist in the LES. It’s the best vintage store in the city and I am good friends with the owner, Edie, so when I go, I stay for hours. I liken it to a Dominican bodega, because you stop by to visit your friends, solve all the problems in the world, and spend all your money! I also love Opening Ceremony, Steven Alan, and I am a big online shopper: lots of NET-A-PORTER and

Describe your style: I like to say “tomboy chic”, which essentially means I’ve never met a pair of pants or heels I didn’t like.

What are your favorite brands: If my closet were full of Suno, Carven, Miu Miu, and Marni I would be a very happy woman. I love the conceptual drive behind these lines, through the patterns and shapes. They just embody my idea of femininity: nothing too overt and always with a story.

Any style rules (for instance you only wear black shoes): Comfort above all else! I think you really shine when you’re at ease in whatever you’re wearing; don’t let it wear you.

Favorite poet: Sonia Sanchez.

Favorite season: Spring/Summer. New York truly comes alive and is in full form at this time. You remember again why you moved here, why you hustle here, and why you stay here.

Favorite landscape: I am such a beach bunny: I just love to tan, drink, swim, take a cat nap and then do it all over again!

Favorite texture: I have been redecorating my new apartment recently and found that I love a mixture of textures. I love the way my sheepskin rug looks against my wood floors; a technicolor Mexican throw laid across my suede couch; a fur jacket slipped over a wooden chair. Different, unexpected elements juxtaposed together: smooth, soft, tough. I find it really lush and brings the space alive.

Favorite color: I’ve been loving the combination of tan and pistachio green. I realize the latter is very specific a color, but it’s this particular hint of green that just does it for me and sets off my skintone perfectly.

Favorite book: That is SO hard to choose: seriously, “NW by Zadie Smith, “Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “Freedom” by Jonthan Franzen, “Middlesex” by Jeffrey Eugenides, “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” by Junot Diaz, “Taste of Power” by Elaine Brown, “ASSATA” by Assata Shakur, and “Age of Innocence” by Edith Wharton all contend for my favorite. Each writer is obviously brilliant, but their work encourages me to be honest and to play with the potential of words.

Favorite artist: Kara Walker.

Favorite fragrance: I just bought Le Labo Lys 41 for my 31st birthday and I love it. I was at a party the other day and people were literally snuggling up to my neck, trying to get a whiff!

Favorite decade: I think I would have probably killed it in the 70s. I would have loved to been involved in political movements of the day or as a muse to a jazz musician. Cicely Tyson, Nina Simone, and Elaine Brown immediately come to mind.

Favorite planet: Mars: it’s my ruling planet and when its on course, I feel strong and like a leader.

Favorite flower: Peonies. I love their coloring and how plump their bulb is. There is something very romantic about them. If ever a man brought me a bouquet of peonies in brown parchment paper, I would be in love–ha!

What do you do before you go to bed: I have been getting in the habit of drinking chai tea and reading, which is super calming. I am a night owl, so I need to learn how to turn off. Otherwise, I am up trolling on Instagram.

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