Margit Cesana

Posted on August 27 2013

Meet Margit, this weeks’s Pretty Bird and one of my dearest friends in the world. Our love affair started on the playground of our boy’s nursery school in Milan, where she lived until leaving me for NYC one year ago.

We spent our time together in Europe very well: play dates for the boys at bouncy castles, acquisitions at our beloved Prada, girl’s night at Zero and lots of homemade deserts.
Margit is not only drop-dead gorgeous, she’s a fantastic chef. So much so that once, after eating too many of her homemade doughnuts, I broke a chair at her house in Pontresina (Switzerland). It was my first visit, and despite the embarassment, one of many. Well naturally with a history like ours, I couldn’t come to this side of the pond without a visit with my friend. Here are some pics that I took of her out here in East Hampton. Please enjoy getting to know her.

Name: Margit Cesana

Occupation: Mother of 3, wife of 1, cook of 5 and personal shopper for myself

Passion: Dancing and shoe shopping

Hometown: Tartu (Estonia)

Current Town: New York

Favorite City: New York

Favorite place to shop in New York: It’s impossible to have only one favourite shop in New York. Here you can shop until you drop on every corner. But my first choice would be probably Opening Ceremony.

Favorite place to dine in New York: Again the same thing as with shopping, it is possible to go every night to try different restaurants. But where I go the most is probably BondSt, Eataly, Red Rooster and Indochine. I love also ABC Kitchen, but it’s always so complicated to get a table there.

What do you do to get your day started: My morning coffee. Can’t live without my Nespresso machine.

Favorite Breakfast Food: Rye bread with ham or cheese, topped with tomatoes or cucumbers.

Favorite Breakfast spot: Pain D’Epices at the 104 west 70th street has the best croissants in town. If you get there early you can have the pain au chocolate with the chocolate still warm inside. It melts in your mouth. But I also like Le Pain Quotidien at Central Park on sunny days, it’s lovely to eat surrounded by trees. On the rainy days Park Avenue Summer.

What’s your beauty routine: Wash my face, brush my teeth, put on Vivatia brightening complex, 100 SPF suncream, comb my hair and go!

Skin: I just recently started to use Precusion MD Vivatia line and in few weeks it has made big difference. My skin feels so much softer and looks brighter.

Where do you cut your hair: I got my last hair colour and hair cut at Shaggy Hair Studio (1405 3rd Ave.) with Effi, and I’m very very happy with it. Supernatural looking highlights and great cut. I love when a hairdresser does both, it saves me so much time. Plus he cuts also my boys hair

Nails and other personal grooming: I get everything done once a month in a little Chinese place around the corner where I live.

Where do you shop in NY? Barney’s, Opening Ceremony, Cheap Jack’s Vintage Clothes(unfortunately temporary closed ), Top Shop, Uniqlo, JCrew on Madison Avenue, Gap, H&M or cute little shops in West Village.

Describe your style: My style icon is Jane Birkin. I even went to the hairdresser with her photo wanting the same fringe as she had. I am also very influenced by 70’s style. I love vintage.

What are your favorite brands: Prada, MiuMiu, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Tom Ford, JCrew, Rag&Bone, H&M, American Apparel.

Any style rules: I don’t like to follow the rules. I like to mix’n’match old with new, expensive with high street. I usually I start to build up my outfits with shoes, and then comes all the rest.

What do you do before you go to bed: Check my Facebook and Instagram

This was your first trip to the Hamptons, what do you think of it? I really loved it, I want to come back soon

Where do you usually spend your Summers? Estonia, St. Mortiz and LA.

Favorite Summer drink? Rosé and Mojito

Favorite Summer food? Estonian strawberries or chanterelle mushrooms with potatoes. I’m true Estonian

What’s your favorite Summer outfit? Hot pants and s t-shirt, or colourful dresses.

We had lunch at La Fondita, did you like it? It was the best Mexican food that I had in the States after my trip to Mexico last October!

You wore your Prada “Flame” wedges for our shoot. How did you manage to run across the border of the pool with your 2 year-old in hand and your 7 year-old chasing after you? I don’t know it myself, it’s a miracle that me and my baby survived.

You’re a pretty hands on mom, how do you manage to always look so polished while taking care of 3 kids? Running after my 2 boys and lifting up my baby girl every day helps me definitely a lot to keep in shape.

Back to school is around the corner, where will you shop for your kids and yourself? For my boys I prefer JCrew, Nike and Gap; for my baby girl Barney’s; and for myself Prada.

What’s on your must have shopping list for the Fall? I just bought perfect black bag from Tom Ford, but I need desperately BLK Denim leather jacket, fake snake skin boots from Stella McCartney, silver Prada shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo Diva sandals and Chanel flap bag.

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