Marella, “The Shirt Factor”

Marella, “The Shirt Factor” by Tamu McPherson

Last Tuesday Marella inaugurated The Shirt Factor, a 10 piece capsule collection designed by myself and Candela Novembre, at their Vittorio Emanuele II store in Milan. It’s my first design  project of this scope and it’s been a truly satisfying experience.

The perfect project for Candela and myself, we were both asked to create 4 shirts that reflected our personal style. You know how much I love a good shirt, and Candela is a huge fan as well. To come up with inspiration, I thought to myself what were my wardrobe essentials when it came to tops; thought about what had I seen recently on the streets while shooting street style: and about what would my readers love to wear this season. I started with a classic white shirt, we all have one in our closets and tapped into one of the big trends I had seen last September while shooting street style – the split back style. Next, I referred to my love of tuxedo shirts and came up with a light blue style that would be perfect for the Spring and Summer. I’ve been obsessed with shirts that button up the back for as long as I can remember. The design team asked Candela and I to come up with a pajama-style shirt, and I thought that this style could be a great twist on the traditional PJ-style that is everywhere this season. We were then asked to develop a special print featuring our personal symbols for the pajamas. That was an easy task for both Candela and I – she opted for her beloved pineapple and I chose my “magic” 7 placed between chic lines. And for my final shirt, I turned to a tried and true wardrobe staple – the denim shirt.Because no season would be complete without a little denim, right? To complete the collection, we designed two pairs of pants, a cropped denim wide-leg that works with both of our pieces and a pajama bottom that coordinates with our PJ tops. Please check out the collection on Let me know your thoughts! xo, Tamu

The-Shirt-Factor3 The-Shirt-Factor7 The-Shirt-Factor2 The-Shirt-Factor6 The-Shirt-Factor5 The-Shirt-Factor4 The-Shirt-Factor1



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