Makeup For Dark Skin: Top Looks

Posted on January 11 2017

Makeup For Dark Skin: Top Looks by Michela Marra

Let’s debunk the a famous myth, “women with dark skin can’t wear (insert color)” WRONG! With your skin tone, the choice of shades for eyes and lips are endless. Just have a look at Tamu’s makeup choices for her photoshoots and important events. Her lips look perfect in orange, red or purple, but a transparent gloss also creates a nice effect. And how about eye makeup? Metallic hues enhance dark complexions yet warm earthy colors are also a valid option. As far as earth tones and blush go, there’s a hue I love and which is stunning on dark, olive skin tones: red (my favorite product is NARS Blush in Exhibit A ).

Here are a few beauty tips for those of you with dark skin.

Create a base
To correct small imperfections we suggest using an orange color supplement; it’s perfect for hiding dark circles under your eyes, while lighter colors are great for adding brightness. Foundation should always be chosen based on skin color. To figure out what shade is right for you, apply a small amount to neck and make sure it blends in evenly with your complexion. For blush, the best shades are brick red, red and plum. The important thing is that they are luminous.

Eye Makeup
You can really have fun with it! If you have big eyes, all you need is some eyeliner or eye pencil to enhance them. If you prefer classic shades, grey, brown and earth tones will be your beauty allies, however green, gold and silver will illuminate your gaze! Obviously, don’t forget to shape your eyebrows. If your skin tone is olive, metallic textures and copper and gold tones truly give a touch of extra light to your face.

Lip Makeup
If you aren’t fond of lipstick, all you need is some moisturizing gloss. Pink and nude colors are pretty, but red and orange will create a wow effect on your face, and finally, the indispensable red. Needless to say, dark colors are also very much recommended. Essentially, have fun choosing the shade you like best!

Looking for inspiration? Have a look at the gallery showcasing the best makeup as seen on Istagram and choose the beauty look that’s right for you!

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