Let’s talk about sex, in the Garage!

Posted on February 15 2012

The lady, above, (I like to call her Cherry Blossom) her handbag filled with Garage X Keith Haring condoms.

“Human experience is too expansive to reduce to an equation.”

Ron Eglash, Mathematician & cyberneticist


Gender difference and sexual orientation were, from Kusama’s perspective, misguided person-centered diverstions from the unified cosmos, beyond the limits of individual personality, to which she aspired in life and art.

-On Yayoi Kusama

Garage: Your flowers are beautifully creepy.  Why did you give them syphillis?

- Interview with Mat Collishaw

“For the first time this year, polls show that over half of all Americans are in favor of same-sex marriage.


“After decades of increasingly effective safe-sex campaigns, STDs are on the rise again in the U.S”


“The higher the heel, the better I feel.”


“We live in the Stone Age of the digital era, stumbling around like cavemen, still fueled by urges we don’t fully comprehend.  As the number of people online approaches 2 billion, the possiblilities seem limitless.  Yet the ghost in the machine lingers, distorting the delicate balance between our need for sex and our need for love.”

-David Brendel

“What kind of expectations do women have of you in the bedroom because you are a painter?”

“Very high, I would imagine!  I don’t know what they think, you know.  I’m not a woman.  They probably think that I am sensitive and physical and peculiar, so maybe the cliche would be that I would be more sexually interesting than a dentist, but there is probably a dentist out there who could be very sexual and much stranger than I am.”

-Julian Schnabel, artist.


All quotes from Garage Issue 2!

Get your copy now ;-)


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