Laura Taccari and Paola Corini

Posted on July 03 2014

Hey There Pretty Birds,

Meet this week’s Pretty Birds Laura Taccari and Paola Corini, Co-founders and Editors of Meraviglia Paper, a new independent online travel magazine aimed at travelers who are searching for authenticity, beauty, and attention to detail and amazement.

I first met Laura while I was working at, and she as a stylist at Flair Magazine. I loved her style from the moment I spotted her in the cafeteria at the Mondadori building. While our busy schedules prevented me from profiling her back then, this is where the wise saying “good things come to those who wait” rings true. Now, not only did I get to profile her, but I also had the pleasure of getting to know Paola, one of her best friends. And trust me, the two of them together are pretty magical. Enjoy!

Name: Laura Taccari

Occupation: Fashion editor, Co-founder and Editor of Meraviglia Paper

Passion: Let me live with the constant wonder of children, let me travel, discover new things, live in nature, go to the movies, cook (bread, vegetarian recipes, apple crumble), read… and I’ll be a happy person.

Hometown: Macerata, Italy

Current Town: Milan

Favorite Cities: Paris, Stockholm, London, New York, Tokyo.

Favorite place to shop in those cities:
Merci and Bonton in Paris, Grandpa and Acne in Stockholm, Dover Street in London, flea markets in New York, research shopping alongside Naka Meguro River, on a warm afternoon in Tokyo.

Favorite place to dine in those cities:
Bofinger in Paris, Miss Clara in Stockholm, Hoi Polloi and Bistrotheque in London, Balthazar in New York. Hamburgers, jazz music and a breath-taking view at the New York Grill at Park Hyatt in Tokyo.

Favorite Breakfast:
A wholegrain bran basket, a small bowl with blackberry jam, some fresh fruit juice, a taste of local cheeses, hot American coffee and china with light blue decorations, one extremely sunny morning on the balcony of Chalet 1864, confiding my secrets to the Aravis mountains (Le Grand-Bornard).

What’s your beauty routine:
I never eat junk food, I avoid preservatives, refined sugars and flours, fizzy drinks. My nourishment has always been a delicious blend of healthy foods. I practice yoga, use my bicycle, walk and drink lots of water.

For my face, cleanser, toner, lotion, anti-age cream and eye serum. No makeup. For my body: gentle shower gels, intensely hydrating creams and sometimes a scrub. Hair: organic restructuring cream by Gum.

Where do you cut your hair: Gum Milano, cut by Stefano, color by Monica.

Where do you shop in Milan? Miu Miu, Spotti, Bonpoint, Bjork.

Describe your style: Modern nostalgic.

What are your favorite brands: Miu Miu, Stella Mc Cartney, Céline, Numero Ventuno, Acne, Laura Urbinati, Chloè, Antipast, Nike, Bonpoint.

Any style rules: My season loves are shirtdresses, sundresses and antique linen nightgowns, worn with a belt and sorbet-colored wedges. My forever loves: some of my mother’s vintage pieces, hats, a side braid, rings, leather sandals.

Favorite poet – a line from his or her poem:
I couldn’t choose one poem, so I’ll quote the dedication, to Marìa Kodama, of Jean Louis Borges’s poetry book The Conspirators:
“This book is yours, Marìa Kodama. It shall be necessary to tell you that this dedication includes the twilights, the deers of Nara, the night standing alone and the populous mornings, the shared islands, the seas, the deserts and gardens, what oblivion loses and memory transforms (…)? We can only give what we have already given. We can only give what is already the other’s. In this book are the things that were always yours”. J.L.B.

Favorite season: Mediterranean spring, Nordic summer, winter on the Alps, Autumn in the  Adirondacks.

Favorite place/landscape: My favorite place is my home. When I stray from home, I look for the winter or summer spectacle of a Mountain, the moving character of an Island, the rarefied remnants and ruby cottages of the North, the cinematography of the States… Manhattan from a bench in Brooklyn.

Favorite texture: My sense of touch finds irresistible the Nite sheets by Society, antique raw linen and the caress of a silk blouse on my shoulders.

Favorite color: Pastels, because they impart lightness and grace.

Favorite book – a passage from the book and an explanation as to why you are inspired by the passage: 
The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen. I will read you its beginning and end; I hope to convince you to pick it up and never forget it:

“The madness of an Autumn prairie cold front coming through. You could feel it: something terrible was going to happen. The sun low in the sky, a minor light, a cooling star. Gust after gust of disorder. Trees restless, temperatures falling, the whole northern religion of things coming to an end.”

“The one thing he never forgot was how to refuse. All of her correction had been for naught. He was as stubborn as the day she met him. And yet when he was dead, when she’d pressed her lips to his forehead and walked out with Denise and Gary into the warm spring night, she felt that nothing could kill her hope now, nothing. She was seventy-five and she was going to make some changes in her life.”

Favorite artist – Agnes Thor, La Mort La Vie (2013)

Favorite fragrance, a memory related to that fragrance: My mother’s perfume. I am eight, I bury my face in my mother’s fox fur which lays on the bed. Happiness.

Favorite Decade: I would have loved to be 35 when Gabrielle Chanel was an emerging designer.

Favorite Planet – Earth.

Favorite Flower: Peonies, old roses and certain wildflowers in the Gotland meadows.

What do you do before you go to bed:  Goodnight kisses.


Name: Paola Corini

Occupation: Co-founder and Editor of Meraviglia Paper

Passion: Travel, food, cinema, yoga, walking.

Hometown: Brescia, Italy

Current Town: Milan

Favorite Cities: Paris, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Milan

Favorite place to shop in those cities: ACNE, A.P.C., Creatures of Comfort

Favorite place to dine in those cities: AXE (Venice, LA), The Pot Luck Club (Cape Town), Babylonstoren (Franschhoek, SA) Kunitoraya (Paris), Carlo e Camilla in Segheria (Milan)

Favorite Breakfast: Orange juice, brown bread+blueberry jam, coffee, cinnamon rolls, cold milk.

Favorite Breakfast spot: Rose Bakery (Paris), Pasticceria Marchesi (Milan), Pavè (Milan).

What’s your beauty routine: Hydrating Cream, Water, Fresh Juices + Organic Food, Sleep (7 hours minimum), Training.

Skin: Cleanser (Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste), Toner (Biosel), Facial Cream (Weleda Almond Face Cream), Concealer (Dr. Haushka), Hand Balm (Aesop Resurrection Aromatique), Sunscreen (Avène).

Where do you cut your hair: GUM (Milano)

Where do you shop in Milan: FRIP, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, Laura Urbinati, Nike Stadium, Society, Centro Botanico.

Describe your style: simple, elegant, subtle.

What are your favorite brands: Celine, Prada, ACNE, Stella McCartney.

Any style rules: No make-up, good hair.

Favorite poet – a line from his or her poem: Wisława Szymborska – “Clothes”:
You take off, we take off, they take off
coats, jackets, blouses, double-breasted suits,
made of wool, cotton, cotton-polyester,
skirts, shirts, underwear, slacks, slips, socks,
putting, hanging, tossing them across
the back of chairs, the wings of metal screens;
for now, the doctor says, it’s not too bad,
you may get dressed, get rested up, get out of town,
take one in case, at bedtime, after lunch,
show up in a couple of months, next spring, next year;
you see, and you thought, and we were afraid that,
and he imagined, and you all believed;
it’s time to tie, to fasten with shaking hands
shoelaces, buckles, velcro, sippers, snaps,
belts, buttons, cuff links, collars, neckties, clasps
and to pull out of handbags, pockets, sleeves
a crumpled, dotted, flowered, checkered scarf
whose usefulness has suddenly been prolonged.

Favorite season: Spring, the awakening of nature and Fall, still warm and bright.

Favorite place/landscape: The Mountain in summertime with no cars (Val Fex, Switzerland).

Favorite texture: White marble and brass details, because it’s strong, plus I love glossy white and yellow gold

Favorite color: Blue, it’s terribly elegant.

Favorite book – a passage from the book and an explanation as to why you are inspired by the passage:
James Westcott’s “When Marina Abramović Dies”:
Today is our last day in civilization and I shall write again at the end of the year. Anyway, here I lead a healthy life, much more than in the city. Nature is incredibly beautiful. We eat rabbits, kangaroos, ducks, worms, leaves and ants living in the trees. Proteins too, quite healthy. I wear canvas boots which protect well from snakes and spiders. This year we shall celebrate our birthday in the desert, around a fire. I will turn thirty-four and Ulay thirty-seven. I have never felt so young as I feel now. Traveling makes you feel youthful because you have no time to get old… At the moment the temperature is at forty – forty-five degrees. An unbearable heat. I get up before sunrise and go to sleep at sunset. We sleep in the open, under the starry sky. We feel like the first inhabitants of the planet.

Favorite artist: a reference image: Pina Bausch (“Kontakthof”), Edvar Munch (“Two Human Beings: The Lonely Ones”, 1905), Ron Mueck (“Couple Under An Umbrella, 2013”).

Favorite fragrance: Orange Blossom from soap bar to dessert at Riad El Fenn, Marrakech.

Favorite Decade: The 1920s with the Art Deco.

Favorite Planet: The Earth, I won’t ever get tired of it.

Favorite Flower: Ancient Roses, they are timeless and feminine

What do you do before you go to bed: I set the table for breakfast, I am serious!

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