Kusmi Detox Tea Before Christmas Holidays

Posted on December 04 2015

Kusmi Detox Tea Before Christmas Holidays By Kristi Veliaj

Dear Pretty Birds,

I know, I know. The Holiday Season is upon us and we are all counting the days to the next big family dinner. I must admit that I, too, am overwhelmed by feelings of worry and constant hunger just thinking about the wonderful spread that will be set out on the table. With the intent of securing my physical wellbeing for as long as possible and, after having listened to all of my friends go on about Kusmi Detox Teas as though they were the solution to any problem, I walked over to the nearest store faster than the speed of light. The staff who welcomed me to the boutique were real tea SMEs, and after having determined my needs and preferences, they helped me choose the perfect blend.

The choice fell upon two magnificent products called Be Cool and BB Detox. The names and packaging make the products that much more tantalizing and delicious, but read on to learn about the super powers these products possess

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Be Cool is the perfect mix; enjoy it before bed to eliminate any traces of toxins that have built up throughout the day and to fill the evening with a lovely fragrance. Lemon verbena, liquorice, and peppermint the ingredients that comprise this pleasant blend work well together to create an enjoyable moment of tranquility at the end of the day. Lemon verbena is an astringent aromatic herb that is rich in essential oils, so it has a calming effect and alleviates spasms (especially those  affecting the digestive system). Mint, on the other hand, not only refreshes the palate, but it also contains vitamins, polyphenols and dietary minerals, all of which help improve the bodys general health.

You can enjoy this tea either cold or hot, depending on your preferences and the season.

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Besides being the most popular blend, BB Detox is also the tastiest.  A beauty beverage produced by combing green tea, mate, rooibos, guarana, dandelion and grapefruit, it favours digestion and controls hunger.  It also contributes to beautiful skin.  This teas properties are unbeatable, thanks to the quality of the products.  Mate is rich in caffeine and is most noted for its thermogenic properties, that is, it helps speed up your metabolism.  Meanwhile, Green Tea cleanses your body and has antioxidant properties as well as many other benefits for the skin and overall healthy functioning of the body.   Rooibos has toning properties and is rich in vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, zinc and calcium, while dandelion stimulates diuresis.  Finally, notes of grapefruit add a lovely fragrance to the product and help burn fat.

Delicious either cold or hot and with a drop of honey for those who have a sweet tooth.




Try it to believe it!

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