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It had seemed to him in such bad taste that he found it irresistible. (Francoise Gilot)

“The house was in the same taste as the massive azlea Pablo had sent me while I was in the hospital.  Outside, it looked like all other houses along the harbour of Golfe-Juan, but inside it resembled only itself.  It had four floors, with two rooms on each floor.  Monsier Fort, in all his naivete, had worked very hard to decorate it in a manner that was, to say the least, original.  One room was painted royal blue and spattered with white.  The ceiling was studded with white stars edged in red, and all the furniture was painted red with stars.  That room wasn’t very big so the fourth “wall” was the bay window that looked out over the sea.  It seemed a bit like a planetarium, a dark hole from which one could see the infinite expanse of the sea on one side, and in a somewhat vaguer way, the infinite expanse of the stars on all the other sides.”

From: “Life with Picasso” By Francoise Gilot

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