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Interview with Loverly

Lovee: Hi Shala, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I am honored  for the opportunity and happy to reconnect with my fellow Saint Lucian.


Shala: My pleasure, and it’s so nice to reconnect with you too.  You know, I have an image of you and your brother stuck in my head from thousands of years ago.  It’s not so clear now but somehow I’ve never forgotten it.  We are standing at the pedestrian crossing at the school.  I’d just returned from buying ”sweets” at the ”co-op” remember that? I was about to go back to the school and the two of you were waiting, what for I can’t really remember now.  It eludes me and I’ve always wondered if you remembered that moment.


Lovee: (Laughing out loud)I wouldn’t doubt that for a second! My brother and I were in the same class from primary(elementary) school througout secondary (high) school. My mom wanted it that way, so we were always together. I don’t think he liked that very much, (laughing out loud) but those are some treasured memories.


Shala:Yes, i can see it as clear as day that you seemed to be stuck together. I suppose that must have been a gift to spend the first sixteen years of your life joined to your brother like that. I’m sure he was annoyed though. (smiling)


Lovee: (Laughing out loud) back then i think we both saw it as a curse more than a gift, since my brother was very much the introvert and me an extrovert and some (laughing out loud). But, looking back, I think that experience created a bond between  us that I believe will always be there and sustain us throughout our lives. (Smiling) Ok, so first off, i have to say thank you for taking the time to support me at my book launch in New York. It meant alot having a fellow Saint Lucian and a great role model as yourself showing your support, so thank you…

Shala: Remember that mantra we used to say standing at assembly every day in Primary School?  No man is an island…

image: Jonathan Guy Gladding

Lovee: Indeed! And we sure do we realise its true meaning as we grow. You know, when i saw you in New York after so many years, I just kept thinking to myself…more

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