Insta-Crush: Natalia Resmini

Posted on July 07 2015

What do you do for a living?

I am a designer, and my specialization is in fashion illustration. I draw for paper and online magazines and I also work in textile design, creating prints, especially for beachwear. Sometimes I will also do portrait commissions. My work is closely tied to the spirit of the times as well. Fashion to me is mainly finding a connection to the present.

What is your background?

I studied at the Florence Fine arts academy. One of my favorite subjects was Theater Costume, where they asked us to apply our drawing skills with the speed of fashion sketching. That is where I found out I liked fashion drawing, both for the movement of the body and for the freshness of the clothes. When I graduated I came to Milan and I applied for a job at Elle, and I started to collaborate with various magazines. I then attended the Fashion Drawing course at London’s Central Saint Martins, where I learned a truly revolutionary method that got me even closer to fashion and styling. I still appreciate my background at the art school and Fine arts academy and I have never abandoned the traditional techniques, mostly tied to life drawing, that I learned during my more traditional studies. It is a technique that I really appreciate for its ability to draw with vitality and an unique energy, even today I will still use it, for example at fashion shows. While in London I started collaborating with the Times and that was my first experience with a daily newspaper. I brought that kind of work back with me to Italy, where I collaborate regularly with the Corriere della Sera. I really like working with daily print because it’s fast and it gives me adrenaline. I definitely prefer a “one-take” approach rather than trying again and again…

Will you tell us how you fell in love with surf?

I really enjoy having this double life. Sometimes, when I get tired of fashion, I can escape to the beach, and vice versa. I grew up on the seaside because my dad is from Ventimiglia and I have a great studio there. The sea has left a mark on my life and on my growth, also creatively, even though I’ve studied and worked in cities. I’ve had many intense experiences in cities, but in the end I always feel the call of calmer places, places closer to nature. Surf is a sport that I started doing many years ago, when I hung out with some friends who surfed and introduced me to this world. I started to travel looking for the perfect waves in countries where living conditions were so different than our own, and this was a revelation to me. Through surf I also found some interesting collaborations: I was brand ambassador for Quicksilver for a few years, and I was also able to put together my passion for fashion and my passion for surf when I created together with the video makers from Onde Nostre some “Surf Portraits” of individuals connected with the surf world.

Your Instagram feed is very beautiful and I think it perfectly embodies your essence. It looks like a mood board of your life. Is it really like this? Please explain how you use Instagram.

I started using Instagram quite late, I didn’t even have a smartphone until a couple of years ago! I am not the biggest fan of smartphones since I think abusing them is easy and you risk missing the moment. That being said, I still believe that Instagram is a great platform for anyone doing a creative job like me. I always update it with my drawings, and I try to do a good editing and choose what I really want to publish. I don’t care to broadcast where I am and I even like to stay in the shadows a bit, letting my drawings do the talking. However, I do think that it is interesting to show people some more personal aspects of my life through some pictures, also in order to let them better understand my work.

What are your plans for the future?

I just started a collaboration with a Brazilian agency that represents many influencers, fashion photographers, stylists and also illustrators. I am very happy about this collaboration because it sums up my essence nicely: the contemporary spirit of fashion and visual communications and the cult of the sea and beach life, so typical of Brazil. I also want to keep working with street style in order to join two aspects of my job that I like very much: portraits, and a contemporary mood. I think this is an original and different way of interpreting fashion.

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