A moveable feast, Dust tracks on a road, Eduardo Porter, Ernest Hemmingway, James Franco, Shala Monroque, The Crystal Tearoom, Zora Neale Hurston -

Hurston or Hemmingway? Paris or Harlem? Where shall I go tonight?

I’m just as crazy shopping for books as I am clothes :-/

Here’s what I recently got:

A moveable feast by Ernest Hemmingway

Dust tracks on a road by Zora Neale Hurston

Palo Alto by James Franco

The price of everything by Eduardo Porter

American design published by MoMA

A useful dream African Photography

There’s more but, just like with clothes I often buy books that I don’t immediately consume, they sit there in the closet or on the shelf until the right moment.  And now what shall I read first?

Hurston or Hemmingway?  It’s like holding two pairs of shoes in a quandary.  Hurton or Hemmingway, the heady days of Paris in the 20’s or Harlem Renaissance  both enormously attractive to me at the moment.

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