Hair Revolution: Becoming Blonde

Posted on February 16 2016

Hair Revolution: Becoming Blonde di Michela Marra

Hey Pretty Birds,

Each of us has, at some point or other, dreamt of becoming blonde, or very blonde, basically… platinum blonde. In most cases, this can be considered a daring choice, certainly not for everyone. And not only because of the challenges in terms of upkeep. In some cases, the results could be way below your expectations. Be certain of one thing, Pretty Birds: if you decide to take the plunge, make sure your hair is healthy and not too damaged. Also, go to a professional who is able to understand when to insist and when to call it quits. Finally, think about it long and hard. You mustn’t have feelings of doubt. You are gravitating towards the point of no return: it is expensive, time-consuming, and requires a lot of maintenance. It will also take its toll on your beauty case as you might need to rethink the color palette for your lips and eyes; but let’s be honest, this would be a very pleasant consequence. My own personal experience speaks volumes: I was finally able to go crazy with shades of dark red for my lips, and intensify my eyebrow makeup (as suggested by Michele Magnani, the MAC Cosmetics Global Senior Artist MAC Cosmetics, whom we met up with for a work meeting over drinks a couple of days after I went blonde). In a nutshell, revolutionize your make up as well; go for something that’s different from your usual beauty look. Essentially, aim for an overall change.

I had been toying with the idea of doing this for ages, as Facebook has reminded me via its “share your memories” function. I first started considering the idea two years ago, but still wasn’t completely convinced of it.

Recently, however, thanks to my long hair and faded color which I got bored of, I finally felt the moment had arrived. For such a big moment, I could put my hair in the hands of none other than my trusted hairstylist Angelo of Oreamalià (Via Panfilo Castaldi, Milano).

I walked into the salon at 10am and walked out at 8pm: the duration of the process depends on the length of your hair and how much time is needed to bleach it. We suggest not taking on other commitments and choosing a weekday since the salon won’t be as busy and the hairstylists can dedicate as much time as needed to you without having to rush. It goes without saying that you must book your appointment in advance.

My personal revolution began with a haircut: from mid length locks to very short hair which was a dramatic first step! Next we quickly moved on to the first application of bleach with a 20% volume developer, left on for about 45 minutes at the most (after that it is no longer effective): times will vary in relation to the hair’s reaction. The team taking care of me throughout the entire process, including the different steps in the bleaching process (two applications for my roots and at least three for the rest of my hair), had one goal: to see how the mid lengths of my hair reacted to the bleach after each application and to protect my locks.

Thus, we left some pink highlights, as a keepsake to remember the purple color that once was; the final result was stunning (even if not planned) because it adds movement to the haircut. We all agreed that an even platinum blonde would have dulled my face. So, before my final shampooing, we went for a casting of color with a unique effect: if you look closely, you’ll notice some highlights that go from purple to black. I think they’re really cool, what do you think?

I’v included pictures of my hair at each step in the process, between applications of bleach, just for fun. Perhaps, if you want truly punk hair, you might be inspired!


Platinum Blonde Hair: tips and rules to follow, some serious, some humorous

Do you have dark skin? Ok, this is not for you. (Obviously a myth, as Tamu has had blonde hair in the past).

Got thin hair? Smile. Bleaching − explains Angelo − gives consistency to hair; it changes textures and you can play however you choose to, working with volume”. My new hair volume gets a 9/10.

“But I might regret it”: stay home.

“My boyfriend might not be happy and my mother-in-law might turn her nose up.” What do you think my mother said? “I liked you better before.” But you’re not doing this for others!

Blonde is an attitude: putting aside trends, if you decide to go platinum blonde it’s because you have character. Remember: it’s not for everyone. So either you’re in or you’re out. There’s no room for compromise.

It’s not easy to manage: so true. You need a specific shampoo. Bleaching needs to be done often. Your roots need to be retouched often. If you don’t like going to the hairdressers often, then this is not the right color for you.

It withstands trends: true. Even if it’s the trend of the year and very requested in salons. Don’t base your decision on this, you’ll regret it fairly quickly and you’ll have made a terrible investment since it’s very costly. How expensive is it? In my case it cost me the equivalent of three (or almost three) regular appointments at the salon. You have a choice: totally change your look or buy a coat on sale? Obviously, I don’t even have to tell you that in my opinion you shouldn’t even have to think about it: coats are sooo boring!


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