Gucci Presents #GucciGram Tian: The Second Part of the Digital Creative Project

Posted on March 10 2016

  • Cao Fei #GucciGram Tian
    Cao Fei #GucciGram Tian Interpretation

Gucci Presents #GucciGram Tian: The Second Part of the Digital Creative Project

It is no secret that we have all fallen under the magical spell that is Gucci. Their new eclectic spirit has shaken up our culture and the direction of fashion. With their previous innovation of #GucciGram, in which web illustrators and image makers created art work applying the recognizable Gucci Blooms and Caleido, Gucci has now decided to go deeper with this vision introducing #GucciGram Tian.

The concept remains close to the original, but now the focus is on the Gucci Tian print. Completely fitting that the word “Tian” in Chinese means sky or heaven, because the collections that have been unveiled season to season are just that, heavenly. Gucci’s Tian print portrays thinly sketched hummingbirds and butterflies hovering over a landscape of branches and flower blooms, with the background of the iconic GG Supreme. This print represents a vision of the sublime that is brief and fleeting because the birds and flowers only suspend in harmony for a moment. This is a reinterpretation of this era, inspired by Chinese painters depicting flowers and birds in the 10th century. “Rather than a clash, the print represents a confluence of cultures as creative barriers around the world break down in the era of the Internet,” says Kyle Chaka, author of technology and culture from Brooklyn.

Following in the footsteps of the first initiative, curated by Creative Director Alessandro Michele, the artists are invited to interpret their prospective of the Tian print. All the participants for this edition are originally from Asia, therefore going back to the roots of the print. Their work will be showcased through the artists’ Instagram accounts, and the public will have the opportunity to witness the artists’ interpretations of how diverse cultural elements can easily be put together in one piece of art.


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