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Hey There Pretty Birds,

When you visit to lust over the latest version of the Dionysus (I’ve obviously got my eyes on the one with the bird flying high), you’ll be met by a brilliant surprise in the form of a brand-sparkling new, reimagined eCommerce site for Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Australia. With fresh, visually seductive and almost tactile brand and product storytelling, your shopping experience has been seriously elevated. Love that pleated metallic skirt that you saw in your favorite magazine, but not sure what you’d wear it with? No worries, there is no loss for inspiration here. The new platform allows you to shop total looks from the collection that are modeled by a selection of creative director Alessandro Michele’s “unique” models – front and back details of every outfit included of course. Plus, the site is fully responsive and mobile friendly so that you can shop from any device, anywhere.

To complement the brand and product treatment, a specially curated editorial section, “The Agenda”, has also been rolled out and provides an awe-inspiring look into the extremely creative universe of Alessandro Michele and the work of his handpicked artistic collaborators.  His spectacular and curious eye can be seen in the rich details of the collections as shown on the runway as well as the magical content created by the likes of Phannapast Taychamaythakool, Jaesuk Kim or Gill Button.

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To celebrate’s revamping, I took some of my favorite looks from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection out for a spin at Bar Basso here in Milan. I’d been dying to check out this Milanese icon since its name graced the lips of different friends on at least four different occasions over the last few months. I can’t believe that I’d never been in the eleven years I’ve lived here. The beloved bar has been a neighborhood fixture since 1947 when it started serving its signature cocktails. At the time, luxury hotels were the only establishments that served cocktails, and they catered exclusively to the very wealthy and well-heeled travelers. Bar Basso brought its famous cocktails to every-day clients and has built up a cult clientele ever since. Reminiscent of its heyday, the decor doesn’t appear to have changed much over time, and is precisely the reason why this Milanese staple maintains its charm. And the regulars, their ages range from the legal drinking requirement to 100+, some with incredible style, some frozen in time, but most importantly, they all got the memo that no one is to bat an eye when their neighbor orders a Negroni Sbagliato® at 11:30 in the morning. I kid you not, cheers to!

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Click on the images to shop the looks!

Courtesy of Gucci

Images by Vincenzo Grillo

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