Gianluigi Bernacchi, The Enthusiast

Posted on June 01 2009


This past Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting withGianliugi. I was sitting at the Colonne di San Lorenzo, just relaxing after returning from an adventure with Simona the previous evening. When I saw Gianluigi coming my way, I thought that he looked rather smart and whipped out my camera and took a couple shots. I later learned that he was just out for an afternoon stroll and not dressed for any particular engagement. That’s one of the things that I love about Italian formality (particularly in the older generation), the habit of dressing well whenever they exit their homes.

The first thing he asked me when he reached my bench was whether I was passionate about photography. To this I replied yes and followed up by asking how long had he been taking photos. He replied, “Well you see that is a bit of an indiscrete question,” but went on to answer, “I first picked up a camera when I was eight years old and that was 73 years ago.” My jaw dropped. He then shared that although photography is his true passion, he actually worked in film throughout his career.

The thing that impresses me the most about Gianluigi is that, notwithstanding his age and experience, he still has a strong desire to learn and accomplish. He told me, “there are great photographers who really know the art of photography; I am not one of them, but would love to become one.” When he stated this, he raised his hand in the air to draw a space where these photographers exist. Observing this, I witnessed his determination to travel there.

Gianluigi, I don’t know, I’ve never even seen your work, and I am far from an expert, but I’d bet that you have already arrived.

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