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I hate that my daily thoughts are consumed with El Cheeto. But this is a stark time in history. As much as it hurts to watch what feels like the “end of democracy” in the United States, we must all stay vigilant. We must also remember that governments are only as strong as their people and that a people united can never be defeated. What better way to get united as people, than through travel? Now is the best time to book a flight to a different part of the world and see what’s really going on in the world. You may be surprised by what you learn. If you have yet to get your passport, get it ASAP! This administration has been closing down entire departments, signing unconstitutional bills and sending refugees and even green cards holders back at the border. Now is the time to visit other countries before Trump does what he does best and fuck it up for us all.

Now that you have a passport, where should you go?

A cool place to spend or week 2 in is Berlin, Germany. An old country with a dark history that is not backing down from it’s mistakes, Berlin is actively trying to be better. It’s also the international poster child of gentrification and all the beauty and pain it can bring. Full of old and new art, 24 hour clubs and cheap reliable transportation it’s a wonder to see considering just a few decades ago it was overtaken by a fascist Nazi leader. Maybe the States could learn a few things from the country.

On the other hand, if you want to see the possible future of the States, spend some time in Brazil. Whether you’re a foodie looking for a cheap treat in Sao Paulo, a Latin film enthusiast looking to watch really good independent films in Rio de Janerio or a history buff looking to study colonial history in Salvador, the Brazilian tourism industry has something for everyone. Everyone, except the actual citizens of Brazil. The capitalist boom the country experienced in the early 2000’s took a turn for the worst around 2012 and has steadily declined. It’s actually imploded this past year when Dilma Rouseff, the last democratically elected President, was impeached. Her right wing predecessor Micheal Temer recently signed a bill that would fix State spending until the year 2036, essentially killing the social progression made by the new welfare state and perhaps the entire country as well. If the citizens of the States don’t get it together soon, we may find ourselves in a similar position.

New Zealand, is a beautiful country that has become a utopic destination for the super rich who are prepping for the collapse of the States. Even if you aren’t super rich and planning for the end of the world, the beautiful landscape as seen in the film “Lord of the Rings” will be a well needed reset from the drama of the world today.

Go to Mexico while you still can. Seriously, as Trump prepares to “build a wall” and charge a 20 percent tax on products from Mexico, expect a lot of the things that make America great to become really expensive. If Mexico doesn’t outright bar entry into it’s country to the people in the States, go while you still can and bring me back suitcase full of avocados.

And finally, China should be on your list of places to visit. Not only is the food great and products cheap, the country is gearing up to be the future world leader! After Trump pulled out of the TPP, many world leaders began to look to China in replacement. A country boasting one of the highest and densest populations in the world has many English speakers becoming millionaires from teaching English there. The landscape is vast and features technologically advanced cities like Hong Kong as well as shockingly beautiful natural landscapes that can be found in West China. Get ahead of the curve and practice your Mandarin in the country. It may come in handy one day soon.

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