Find Your Running Shoes

Posted on April 12 2016

Find Your Running Shoes By Kristi Veliaj 

Dear Sporty Birds,

Today we wanted to catch up with you about running shoes and how to pick the perfect one for you. I’ve never imagined that there were so many different options to consider before meeting with our friends from Nike. Last week, Roki and I were discussing about going for a good run, mostly because of the weather here in Milan, so sunny and a mild temperate that it is hard not to enjoy it. Motivation was up until we realized something was missing, good running shoes.

We always knew the importance of choosing the right pair for you and how the quality of a run could change with the right accessories, but we never really looked into it. We found all the answers to our questions one morning at the Nike Store, in Piazza Gae Aulenti here in Milan. We entered the shop after hearing that you can get your walk and run tested, to discover which category you belong to. Yes, runners belong to categories. There are runners who, in the fase of maximum hill (where our body is weighed down by gravity 4 times heavier than our body weight) lean their foot on the ground neutrally.  Some who lean their foot making a pronation, while others who lean with a  supination of the foot. How creepy does that sound? But it’s more natural than we think. 

How did the Nike team helped us find out who had a  pronation or supination? Easy, running and walking on a treadmill while recording our movements with a special app. We both tried different shoe types, starting with the lighter one designed for simulating a run barefoot, The Free RN Flyknit. New to the family of Free, light and comfortable, so easy to wear that it feels like wearing a second skin. This shoe helped the team  better understand how we run, finally declaring that both Roki and I have a light pronation. It is rather strange to see with your own eyes how slowly you’re killing your knees and ankles while doing a wrong movement because of the support of your shoes. But don’t feel defeated, because there is hope. There are shoes that can help you correct the way your foot hits the ground to be more neutral. We were recommended the Nike Structure 19. I have to admit that you can really feel the way you run change.

Comforted by this new knowledge and finally checking off everything that was on our list before going for a proper run, we felt sharing this experience with you guys. Running is slowly becoming one of my favorite activities and I can now approach my workouts knowing I am doing the right movements. If you’re in doubt about your shoes, don’t be shy and get tested! It’s fun, fast and easy and it always feels good leaving with a fresh pair of kicks.


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