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Diana Aquila

Hey Summer Birds,

Meet this week’s Pretty Bird, fashion student and freelance stylist Diana Aquila. I met this beautiful creature while walking on Via Madonnina here in Milan. She was wearing a total Summer-white look (crush) and immediately caught my eye. And speaking of eyes, how gorgeous are her baby blues? More Crush, dark hair and blue eyes always gets me… So striking. But enough of my gushing, please join me in getting to know her better. She’s a gem!

Name: Diana Aquila
Occupation: Freelance Fashion Stylist and Student at Istituto Marangoni
Passion: Traveling, Styling
Hometown: Napoli
Current Town: Milano
Favorite City: LA
Favorite place to shop in that city: Love going to The Grove !
Favorite place to dine in that city: MOZZA
What do you do to get your day started: I start my day with a big caffè latte and some good music
Favorite Breakfast Food/fruit/: Granola and milk
Food: Even though I’m italian, I love Caesar Salad
Fruit: Apple, Coconut, Pineapple
Favorite Breakfast spot: Princi (Milano)
What’s your beauty routine: Drink a lot of water, walk at least 30 minutes every day and sleep well
Skin: Good moisturizing and face masks/scrubs
Nails and other personal grooming: I generally do my nails once a week by myself. Love red and dark red nail-polish. I really don’t like bad hands!
Where do you cut your hair: Aveda, Piazza Meda
Where do you shop in Milan? Excelsior, Antonia, Dantone. ‘Lipstick’ and ‘Cavalli e Nastri’ are great vintage shops.
Describe your style: I would say quite classic, but I love mixing very clean shapes and pastel colors with eccentric accessories or prints.
What are your favorite brands: Céline, Valentino, Balmain, Stella McCartney, Acne, Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim
Any style rules (for instance you only wear black shoes): Total black at least twice a week !
What do you do before you go to bed: Remove every trace of make up, moisturize my skin and drink a glass of water.
What are your plans for the Summer? I’m off to the U.S for a while ! Then I’ll relax with some friends around Europe.
Favorite drink? I love frozen Pina Colada !
What’s your favorite summer outfit? Floral print shirts and naked back dresses.

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